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Welcome to Cypher Market We are a darkweb marketplace that prides itself on providing a safe and anonymous platform for buyers and sellers to conduct business. At Cypher Market, we understand that privacy is of utmost importance.

Founded in February 2020, Cypher Market is a wallet-less escrow darkweb market that supports both Bitcoin and Monero.

Our user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation between buyers and sellers while still maintaining a secure environment with fully encrypted communications.

The market does not have on-site wallets where funds are centrally stored, but rather single-use addresses for each order, and funds for completed orders always go directly to the vendor’s payout address.
This mitigates the potential for an attack or exit scam to a certain degree in that there is never a single, big pool of user funds which can be stolen or confiscated.

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We are proud to announce this official Cypher Market link mirror distributor, please only use to get official mirror urls. Please use the Cypher Market Backup Mirror Links if the first Main links dont work for you.

Cypher Market Uses Monero (XMR) and Bitcoin (BTC)

Cypher Market is a darkweb market that operates on the dark web and allows users to purchase a wide range of products and services anonymously. One of the key features that make Cypher Market stand out is the use of the privacy-first Monero cryptocurrency as the primary means of payment on the platform. Monero has gained popularity among darkweb users because it provides a high degree of privacy and anonymity, making it difficult for law enforcement agencies to follow transactions flows to and from markets and its mirrors.

Monero's privacy features are archieved by its many unique blockchain features. Unlike Bitcoin, which relies on a public ledger that records all transactions, Monero uses a decentralized network of nodes to hide the transaction details from prying eyes. every Monero transaction is shielded by a ring signature.

Alternatively you can also use Bitcoin Cypher Market if you want to be lazy but this is highly discouraged since it offers little privacy compared to monero.
All users of Cypher Market should use Monero when making purchases because it provides multiple extra layers of protection against law enforcement and other bad actors. Using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with transparent blockchains can reveal the transaction details, including the amount, sender, and receiver, which could potentially lead to the identification and arrest of the buyers and sellers. Monero, on the other hand, makes it almost impossible to trace the transactions, providing a much higher degree of privacy.